Sunday, June 7, 2009

These particular ferns are from a sire that was originally owned by Tony Barrett.

They have narrow hairy fertile fronds. The fertile fronds are short and upright in sun, long and reclining in shade.

This staghorn fern is quite hardy and can take temperatures from 40 to 95 degrees - they are kept outside year long. This fern is the only one that can take full coastal sun and still thrive, in fact, it brings out the unique characteristics of the shield, its distinctive fingers.

The mounting medium is AAA New Zealand Sphagnum Moss and then the fern is attached to redwood boards with 40lb monofilament fishing line, garden tape or other strapping material. When fertilizing - I use either Miracle-Gro or Superthrive every 3rd or 4th watering. This one I tend to keep dryer than the other ferns. This cultivar, for me anyway, seems to mature slower than most.

There are various sizes of this cultivar that are currently available for sale. If interested please e-mail me at